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Jarrid Lopez  (8/10/92) lives in Virginia Beach.


I rode my first longboard when I was 13 years old. But back then I thought doing tricks was a myth and would damage the board. It wasn’t until my first day of college when I turned 18, the world of longboarding was revealed to me by a new college buddy. He showed me some tricks in loaded videos on YouTube, and immediately I wanted to go out and try it. I learned a new trick everyday, Progressing in dancing, freestyle, and sliding. Within a month of practice, and learning how to film and edit videos, I received my first sponsorship. Ever since 2010, I’ve been traveling to events, doing my best in competitions, producing media, and spreading the ultimate stoke to other riders in my local community. 


Once a year in the spring time, I like to travel to universities to host longboard seminars and clinics to educate college students about safety, terminology, and stoke! 



In my hometown, Virginia Beach, Virginia, I spend my skate time doing freestyle and dancing on the boardwalk. Sliding with a mixture of dance is the style that I have the strongest passion for. I truly believe that if done correctly, combining dancing and sliding can be a beautiful art form in itself. 


As far as accomplishments go, I placed 2nd in the open division slide jam at central mass skate festival 8. I made podium in every event at least once at Skate the Cape Shred Festival throughout the years. I placed 2nd in my age group, and 19th overall at the Adrenalina skateboard marathon in 2011.


To those riders who seek adventure, community, and stoke. I say cheers!


His instagram account is @jarrid_lopez