Javier Martinez Martinez

Javier Martinez (03/05/90) lives in Aguadulce (Almeria, Spain). 


He has always been linked to action sports, and he enjoys, both, watching and practicing them. He defines himself as a lover of adrenaline and self-improvement. There is nothing that can resist him, practicing skate, longboard, surf, bodyboard, roller, slackline… Although if he has to choose only one, “his true illness”, as he defines it, it's the Longboard, in any of its disciplines.


Until 2010, when Javier met Justo Mullor, he skated alone. Together they formed Z4 Longboard Team. This longboard team is very active, and organizes hangouts, classes, competitions and other events related to Longboard in their province. Justo and Javier,  through Longboard Z4, have managed to create a broad and permanent  community in the province, that improves every day.


Since few months ago, they have gone a step further and together they have managed to make his dream come true, running his own physical/ online shop in Almeria, Diversur Boardshop.                                                  

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