Jay Alexis Nieto (05/27/1988) lives in Barcelona.


He began to skate in his twenties, having no idea of skateboarding, only with strong references of snowboarding. At first, he skated long and almost flat boards that a friend made.


Two years ago he began to skate harder, to set goals and advance personally. Everything thanks to an awesome band of riders and too, the good people in Barcelona. Motivated by the longboard, he has improved on, getting some podiums and helping in events.


He is, currently, working on several projects including the creation of a space for motivation and the promotion of longboard/sport and helping those who don't have it so easy.


Another of its projects is humanitarian and aims to be carried out in Cambodia teaching children and adults to have fun, thanks to the longboard.


As a rider, he prefer dancing /freestyle. 


In the longboard, his objective is to help, to be able to offer the greatest possible people the sensation of living this sport. Helping brands, as Station, in their designs to try to improve the material.


 You can follow him on instragram @jaynstalexis