Nito Alonso  (11/24/98) lives in Almeria.


He started to skate at 15 years all. At first he rode  skate, but when he was 16 he tried his first longboard and he fall in love with this type of skating.


Since this moment, a big world of possibilities opened in front him and even today he enjoy them.


His style is influenced by the another sports that he plays often: surf, skimboard and paddle surf.


Nowadays he is rider for Station and coach of longboard and skate at the Diversur Boardshop School, where they are focused in helping to the youngest in their first steps on board.


He combines these activities with his trainings and his regular travels to compete in national and international events.


His prefers styles are dancing/freestyle, although some times, he also enjoys with freeride/downhill..


His track records is the next one:


Provincial Championship of Almeria in 2015, Dancing Freestyle modality

“Sevilla is hot" Championship - 1st classified in 2017

National Championship "Dance with me", 2nd classified under 18, in 2016

National Championship "Dance with me" 3rd place in the absolute category

European Championship "Manheim Longboard Open 2017" 3rd place in "Game of Skate".


His instagram account is @nito_alonso


His Instagram account is Nito Alonso