Alejandra Cardenas

Sol Castro, from Peru, has been living in Madrid since the age of 15.


She studies double degree in Business Administration and Law while working in a law firm.


She started skating in 2016, when her brother gave her a Penny skateboard, little bigger than her foot. One day going to Retiro Park to skate, she saw a girl dancing on a board, it was really amazing to see the things she did, and she thought: "if she can do it, why can't I? The next day she took her savings and went to buy that giant board. Since that moment she fell in love with the longboard and the feeling of freedom it produces.


She loves to dance on the longboard and to be able to move to the rhythm of the board and the music. She loves to feel that it is only her, the board and the asphalt, without stress, without worries.


Today longboarding is part of her life, where she has met great friends and with whom she has been able to enjoy great moments like this year's SYCLD, where she was 2nd in "Non sponsored women".


She would have liked to have started skating earlier, but her motto is: “It's never too late to do what you like”


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