Deborah Keser  (01/12/88) lives in Cologne.


She bought her first Longboard in 2009. She’s always been interested in skating, but she was too afraid. When she tried a friend’s longboard, it worked pretty good.


In the beginning, she practiced a lot on parking areas. She still remembers the first time, riding alone through the Streets. She was soooo nervous! But the more she skated, the better it worked. After watching some Adam & Adam videos, she became interested in Dancing Longboard. She met almost everyday with friends to practice cross steps and Peter Pan. They were both very enthusiastic. She also met a girl, who became one of her closest friends, Melanie, and she started joining them. The longboarding scene grew, and they kept on practicing.


In 2014 the Company BTFL Longboards contacted her, because they are based in Cologne, too. They were looking for someone to develop boards in cooperation. She demanded to do also the board designs, and that’s how their cooperation started. Nowadays she is permanently employed, doing the board designs and product Management. Last year she started to do her master in Communication Design parallel to work.


In 2014 Luutse asked her to be part of the simple longboards team what made her very proud. She’d always admired this team and now she has become part of it.



2014 and 2016 she made the first place at SYCLD, 2015 and 2017 the third.


Her instagram account is  @deborah_keser