Pablo Gutierrez De Celis (28/08/96) lives in Valladolid (Spain):


Since he was a child, he has always been interested in art in all its formats, being rather inactive in sports until his parents forced him to practice some sports.

In this stage it is when he discovered skateboarding, but he's pretty bad and decided to start longboarding, a sport where he chooses how and when to practice it, giving a new perspective of freedom and self-expression in his life.

When he started skating in Valladolid, he was the youngest skater in longboarding and now, some years later, he is the oldest of their tiny local community of 3 riders, where for lack of quantity they have plenty of quality and desire to have a good time.

Although he practises both dancing and freestyle, he considers himself a freestyler and he likes most is mixing freestyle with street-skate.


Achievements: In all these years has participated in several competitions, national and international, and his best results have been:

1st place in Best Trick

1st Place in Game of SKATE 

4th place in Freestyle-Dancing at Mannheim Longboard Open 2016, 

2nd place in Best Trick at Mannheim Longboard Open 2017


Goals: in the future he wants to be even more engaged and connected with the world of the longboard, he wants to learn how to manufacture boards (and other components if the opportunity arises), and he would like to be a longboard trainer in order to be able to teach other people what makes  him happy. Besides, to continue developing his artistic inquires and to apply them if it is possible to this wonderful sport.


His instagram account is @putpab