He moved from Romania 18 years ago and now lives in Almería.


Skateboarding has led her to meet wonderful people, to take part in events and even to create them. She is currently an ambassador for Longboard Girls Crew in Spain. She organises events, competitions and gives support to anyone who wants to try the sport.


She has created a group of 40 girls who skate in Almeria and is very proud of it. In terms of competitions, she has attended the So You can Longboard Dance? world championships twice, and on one occasion she came 2nd in the Online version in the Women non sponsored category.


At the moment she is really enjoying Station's equipment, the Sunset board and the new FIVE trucks.


She has been delighted with this combination from the first moment she tried it. In her own words: "I felt different, in my videos I looked different, but different for the better; with more flow, more ease and falling tricks without fear. Of course, it has been a big change for me and I'm looking forward to learning more and progressing both on the skateboard and in the environment around it".


IG @ralucadiana94