Javi or '"Javichu" as his friends call him, flows with elegance in any environment, whether aquatic or terrestrial.


Although he spent his childhood in Huelva, he did not discover water sports (bodyboard and surf) until he spent some time on a fortunate island. When he returned to the Iberia peninsula, he exchanged water for asphalt.


As life is sometimes very capricious, he was several years without being able to practice as much as he would like, but since 4 years ago, he enjoys again on a surfskate, and with a group of friends he has a great time in every meeting surfing on the asphalt, in bowls, pumptracks, skateparks. In short, he has fun feeling the sensation of the sea but on the asphalt of Madrid.


If you want to see him in action this is his Instagram javichu_71