Justo Mullor

Justo Mullor (02/11/90) lives in Aguadulce (Almeria, Spain).


Since child, he likes skateboarding. He prefers to skate through the streets than to skate in the parks.


At age 20, he found out the longboard and with Javier Martinez, founded Z4 Longboard Team, and began to discover the different ways that this sport covers. During these early years it is when Justo was formed as the versatile rider that he is today.


There have been many sessions, purchase of hard material, photos, videos,  meetings and competitions together with Longboard Team Z4 or Diversur Boardshop has made in the province of Almeria and in Andalusia.


He has his own style, creative and innovative. He is also influenced by all sports that he practices, besides the longboard (windsurf, kitesurf, snowboard, bodyboard, skateboard, mountainboard). Justo is the most versatile rider in every discipine.


In his career as a rider pro since 2013, he collects prizes in competitions such as Downhill, Freestyle, Dancing, Hippie Jump ... As the current bichampion (dancing / freestyle & Hippie Jump) in one of the most powerful national event "Dance With Me "and having come to compete in the world championship " So You can Longboard Dance ... "2016.


Since the beginning of his career as a rider, he has also been skate-camera and film-maker, founding his own audiovisual production company Just_Rec, to create and share adventures and experiences living with his teammates.


Although the speed and skids are his true passion, his lifestyle, closely linked to skate, makes you see him always riding some table.


Now along with Javier Martinez, he is the co-owner the physical / online shop Diversur Boardshop.


His instragram's account is @justrick_z4