Justo Mullor


If you are from Aguadulce, Almeria and your passion is skateboarding, longboarding or surfskate, Justo is a name you can't forget. He is an essential reference because he has been on a skateboard since he was a child.


His style is unique, creative and innovative, also influenced by all the sports he practices besides longboarding (windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowboarding, bodyboarding, skateboarding, mountainboarding), being the most versatile rider in all disciplines.


In addition, since the beginning of his career as a rider, he has also been a skate-camera and film-maker, founding his own audiovisual production company Just_Rec where he creates and shares the adventures and experiences he lives together with his mates.

Although speed and drifting are his true passion, his skateboarding lifestyle means you'll always see him on any type of board.


He has as much fun on our Pinto precision trucks as he does on our Triple S surfskate trucks.


He runs the physical/online shop 'Diversur Boardshop' in Almeria and is also a fantastic teacher who will bring out the best skateboarder in you.


His IG account is justo_diversur