Luis Ibanez Lissen  (01/24/1998)


This Sevillian living in Madrid found out the longboard in the Paseo de Camoens (Madrid). On weekends, he went with his family to the area.  Every day he saw how much fun the people (more and more people) who skated with huge boards, until an afternoon he decided to approach and ask to borrow one of those boards to try. Since then he has been stuck to a longboard.


He likes any modality but his favourite is 'dancing'. From the beginning, his main influences have been the videos of Adam Colton, Lotfi Lamaali and company.

He enjoys doing a 360 body varial next to the carveo while making cross-steps.

His priority is to have fun with friends while enjoying this wonderful sport.


He is currently studying computer engineering and is always looking for tools to improve the photos and videos that he produces.


You can follow him on instragram @luisibear