Shawn Segundo


Shawn was born and raised in the United States, but in 2014 his career path took him to Germany where he has lived ever since. In that same year, Shawn was first introduced to the longboard world by one of his best friends Karl, who does professional slalom skate racing. Through this, Shawn discovered other forms of longboarding, and at the end of 2018, began his love relationship with longboard dancing and freestyle.


Shawn’s also very passionate about community building for the longboard dancing and freestyle scene worldwide. He runs and operates the online blog - Longboard Dancing World, which is a site entirely dedicated to educating new longboard dancers on getting started and progressing with the sport.


Shawn started with the Pinto trucks, but now currently rides The Second ones, because in Spanish, Shawn’s last name “Segundo” means Second :-)


In longboard dancing, Shawn loves to combine lots of flow with very high aerial hand tricks. He also loves skating in very lively and colorful shorts which are actually designed for Muay Thai Boxing.


Catch him on Instagram shawn2nd