Terri Theelf



Meet Terri Theelf. Living in sunny Tel Aviv right next to the sea, Terri started skating with 24 and today is a leading rider in her local community. From the moment she started skating, her Longboard became her constant companion and a way for her to experience the city. Today she mostly enjoys practicing Dancing on top of her board with Hamlet precision trucks and performing fast and fluid lines.


For Terri, Longboard Dancing is a way to get to know oneself on a deeper level, find out where one’s insecurities and fears lie and how to fight them. For her skating is a way to express oneself, escape reality and immerse into our inner world, and experience pure joy. Her dream is it for more people, especially women, to dare to step on a longboard and stop limiting themselves through conditioned beliefs and social norms.


If you want to see her flow, her IG account is territheelf